A mysterious monk who was present during the Fall of Prontera. Claims to be from “a monastery in the north.”

During the festivities, he was seen partaking in the city’s delights, being generally merry and boisterous, just like everyone else. That night, he participated, and ultimately lost, in a drinking contest against the dwarf Sindri.

When the undead swarmed the town the next day, he revealed his true colors as a capable warrior who effortlessly struck down creature after creature in a whirlwind of fists and fury. Not that our heroes saw any of that. He presented himself as an aloof wanderer when our heroes (minus Sindri) first saw him in the middle of the road surrounded by several fallen undead. He joined them as they escaped, choosing to half-heartedly cheer them on instead of fighting alongside them. When they were confronted by a powerful Death Knight, he surprised everyone by punching through its armor and defeating it in one blow. After which, he took the fallen Death Knight’s runeblade and promptly fled before anyone could react.

He has not been seen since.


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