The 6th Forever War

Chapter 3: The Longest Road

In the aftermath of the battle, our heroes continue south, only to encounter by a tribe of orcs.

Chapter 2: The Exodus

Our heroes head south, to Quoth, meeting the caravan along the way.

Chapter 1: The Fall of Prontera

The air in the city of Prontera was filled with festivity as the city prepared to celebrate its 1000th year anniversary. There was a sense of wonder and excitement for the city’s rich and storied 999-year, 11-month and 29-day history, matched closely by this foreboding feeling that it might not actually make it to year 1000.

It was a special day regardless, with adventurers and glory-seekers from all across the land converging to celebrate. Our heroes found themselves among the crowd, though they have yet to meet. It is here that our story begins.

Sindri, the dwarven bard, wasted no time looking for a place to perform. After captivating a small crowd in the market square, she took to the Central Inn and, in true dwarven fashion, won an intense drinking contest against another partygoer. The tiefling warlock, known only as The Scar, arrived with a diverse party of adventurers looking to celebrate before heading out to their next dungeon crawl. The elven ranger Ash’ara wandered around with her pet panther, sampling food from every corner of the city. Lastly, the elven rogue Elenaire also wandered the city, but not for any cheer or festivities. Instead, she searched the shadows, looking to establish contacts in the shadowy thieves’ guild.

It was a grand time for all. The celebration lasted all throughout the night. Eventually, as the lights started to die down, our heroes retired in the Central Inn at the heart of the city.

Our heroes (minus Sindri) awakened to the sound of bells ringing throughout the city. They stepped out and immediately saw that the previous day’s mood has been completely washed out by panic. People were running around, leaving their homes and their stalls completely. City guardsmen were doing what little they can to assuage the crowd.

One guardsman stood out amongst his peers. He introduced to himself as Captain Dorian, the man responsible for trying to sort out the mess. He informed the heroes that a massive horde of undead is moving in from the north and that the whole city is being evacuated to the south. They are also told by a messenger named Antoine that there are siege weapons coming in from the west gate, but have not been delivered to the north wall as planned. The group ultimately decided to head north and help defend the wall. They were joined by a plucky half-orc warrior named Ike Moon’ah.


There were more than panicking soldiers here. A few adventurers were

- main group meets the united colors of benetton
- main group fights the initial wave of gargoyles with sgt jones
- main group encounters the grave titan, ridden by orpheus
- titan launches zombie balls and demolishes the wall
- main group retreats

As the walls fell and the skies filled with clouds of flying undead, Sindri finally woke up. She managed to hear the chaos outside over his massive hangover. She jumped

- sindri wakes up and jumps out the window
- sindri rallies wounded troops including sgt jones, attempts to fight back
- sindri briefly meets lee again
- sindri fights her way towards the west gate with the soldiers she’s collected
- sindri faces off against a death knight before leaving the city
- main group briefly spots orpheus and fights their way to the south gate
- main group is joined by lee
- main group runs into turing and attempts to steal his horse
- main group encounters a death knight
- main group evacuates the city, civilians in tow
- scar shows people his magnificence


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